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Detect Carbon Monoxide

Thousands of Pocket CO instruments have been sold to users in many areas and industries, including home owners, boaters, truck drivers, small aircraft pilots, and home inspectors. The testimonials below, submitted by customers, show what users think about their Pocket CO’s:

just wanted to follow up and let you know that I received the Pocket CO unit, info cards, and your business cards several days after our conversation. Have already shown the unit at 3 CO presentations. The story last week of the CO poisoning incident at a Long Island restaurant sparked a lot of interest. Thank you for your support!

Mike, PPGS101, Feb 2014

We have four of your Pocket CO units and we use then on our LP forklift as an additional protection for our drivers. We just purchased a CO test/calibration kit to check these units. We check them once a year. Our manufacturing facility is a VPP site (Voluntary Protection Program) with OSHA and we are pro-active regarding safety. The additional CO monitoring was recommended by OSHA.

Davide Ogno, Maintenance Supervisor, December 2012

I discovered your product on the Club Sea Ray website. I was looking for a small but reliable device to detect CO especially during the winter boating season while using the camper enclosure. We used it on a boat ride Saturday night and was surprised to see how much the CO levels fluctuate and can actually rise suddenly. Thank you

Roger - December '12

I use the CO detector when I fly my planes. I originally purchased the device after purchasing an older Piper. I found out that I had a very bad muffler condition which allowed CO to enter the cockpit as this is a tube and fabric plane with lots of air leakage. I now carry the unit when ever I fly as a safety item. I just replaced the battery and wanted to recalibrate the unit, and just recieved the calibration kit, I'll complete the task shortly. Thank you again for the prompt service, and the great product!

Ralph De Groodt

…sensitive and resilient enough to consistently provide accurate readings after multiple heavy exposure. …remarkable for its size …Top Value

Aviation Consumer.com Volume 35, Number 11, Nov 2005 (National Magazine performing independent test of CO monitors)

I have more than gotten my moneys worth.

D. Marshall, Strang Heating, Richland Center, WI, Jun 2005

…provided me with great peace of mind. …you’ve built a great little instrument.

Dr. H. Wohltjen, pilot and sensor expert, Aug 2005

Pocket CO is the best instrument I have used.

T. Hirt, Truck Driver, May 2006

Your instrument helped save my life. I can not thank you enough.

K. Mahaney, Truck Driver, May 2006

I am delighted with the size of the unit, which I keep on my airplane’s key chain. This ensures that it accompanies me on every flight… it was a relief last winter to know that the cabin was free of CO, especially with the cabin heat turned on.

Peter Bruckner, Pilot, May 2007

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