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News related to Carbon Monoxide

We’ve collected copies of news articles related to CO, to help educate you on how it affects people in many different areas. We hope you read some of them and learn about the real risks of carbon monoxide. Tip: Use the pull-down menu on the right to see articles from a specific category.


HVAC Safety Tips: Handling the Threat of Carbon Monoxide Leaks in the Workplace

June 6, 2016

Carbon monoxide leaks can be a menace to public safety, and if you own or manage a business they are a threat you must be aware of. If you’re using gas or oil to power your HVAC equipment, or your stoves if you run a restaurant, you will need to install carbon monoxide detectors, and […]

Only The Boeing 787 Provides Passengers And Crews With Clean Breathing Air

August 19, 2014

The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) represents more than 800,000 airline staff and consumers and congratulates the Boeing Aircraft Company for designing the Boeing 787 so it can provide clean breathing air to passengers and crews. For over 50 years, all commercial jet aircraft have used the flawed practice of supplying passengers and crews […]

Killed in his bed by a carbon monoxide leak… from the house next door: Doctors fear danger gas is triggering heart attacks, brain damage and strokes

January 13, 2014

Killed in his bed by a carbon monoxide leak… from the house next door: Doctors fear danger gas is triggering heart attacks, brain damage and strokes Dominic Rodgers, 10, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, died in his sleep Poisonous carbon monoxide from neighbour’s house had killed him By CAROL DAVIS PUBLISHED: 17:36 EST, 6 January 2014 […]

Pocket CO Featured in Swish.com TechCrunch Article

February 4, 2013

YC-Backed Swish Makes Selling Simpler For Inventors And Creators by Chris Velazco Friday, February 1st, 2013 8 Comments It’s never been easier for would-be inventors to take a harebrained concept and turn it into an actual, sellable product, but the process of getting those products to the masses could still use a little work. Sure, crowdfunding sites […]

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We are a volunteer first aid squad and like to keep the Pocket CO clipped to our blood pressure case. This way, every time that we enter a home or business to treat a patient, we run a quick test to assure that we are safe.

Anthony J. Pellegrino, Captain, Shrewsbury First Aid Squad, NewJersey

Last Wednesday I took off from Langley BC to Powell River and back to Langley in a Piper Cherokee for a dual cross country ride; this is a bit over two hours flight, and most of the way is along the Pacific coast. After I started the engine we heard some sort of beep in the cabin, so we looked at the instruments, checked cell phones, our headsets, everything seemed OK, plus none of us heard that kind of beep in a Cherokee before. It took us about a half hour of flight to figure out that the Pocket CO was beeping (was the first time using it, completely forgot I had it until my flight instructor asked me to check that “thing” hanging around my neck). When I read it, it showed 63ppm; so we closed the heaters, and opened all vents, until the reading dropped to 3ppm, that is a more “normal” figure. By now we were well above Vancouver, but because of the low reading we decided to keep going and not go back to Langley. Apparently the CO peaked to 90ppm (if I read the 12hrs log correctly), that was probably during our climb when we used full power. My flight instructor wanted to ground the airplane, but the end result was the school installed a new chemical indicator! The mechanics got a bit touchy, because the airplane just got back from a 100hrs check, they said there was no way we had any CO in the cabin, but I’ve seen the numbers, and I don’t really care what they say: I fly the airplane. I knew this little device could save my skin one day, I didn’t expect it so soon! I had a few more flights since then, with different airplanes, all show a very low CO number.

Ion, Canada, May 2010

Just wanted to let you know that I am one of your success stories. I purchased a Pocket CO monitor for use in my research. It came in handy one day when a new CO alarm in my home started to go off. Using the Pocket CO, I was able to determine that the CO alarm wasn’t faulty–we had CO in the house! We traced the source to a vent pipe that was never married to our hot water heater. I’m a big fan of your product which is inexpensive, portable, and very easy to use. It’s a great addition to home CO alarms, and I always take mine with me when I travel. Thanks!!

Eric L., Emergency Physician/Medical Toxicologist, Colorado, January 2010

I just bought the Pocket CO detector a few weeks ago for my airplane. While flying I noticed it get up to over 100 ppm. So, today I closely inspected the exhaust manifolds and found a hidden hole in the exhaust stack. I never would have known about it if I hadn’t bought Pocket CO! Thanks!

Doug M., Southern California, December 2009