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Detect Carbon Monoxide

 Why You Should Buy Pocket CO

Portable Protection from Deadly CO

Each year tens of thousands of people across the U.S., and even more globally, are poisioned by the toxic gas Carbon Monoxide (CO). These people include small airplane pilots, recreational boaters, truck drivers, students, firefighters, miners, scuba divers, homeowners and renters, and even families on vacation. This invisible gas can kill in just minutes, and non-fatal poisonings can leave victims violently ill. Countless more suffer mild symptoms everyday, and possibly long-term health effects, from repeated exposure to low-levels of CO in their jobs or homes.

Introducing Pocket CO Model 300, the world’s smallest renewable Carbon Monoxide detector. Designed by leading engineers in the air quality and gas detection industry, and built using cutting edge nanotechnology, Pocket CO is advanced enough for use by industry professionals but still incredibly simple to operate. Tiny enough to fit on a keychain, and weighing under 1 ounce, Pocket CO is an easy and affordable way to detect and monitor CO at home, away, or on the job. Learn more.

Educate Yourself

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, tasteless gas produced by incomplete burning of fuels including gasoline, oil, and wood. When breathed, it deprives the blood stream of oxygen. Breathing a large enough concentration of CO can lead to illness, and even death. Learn more about CO from the links below, or read the full article on this “silent killer”.

What our customers say

I discovered your product on the Club Sea Ray website. I was looking for a small but reliable device to detect CO especially during the winter boating season while using the camper enclosure. We used it on a boat ride Saturday night and was surprised to see how much the CO levels fluctuate and can actually rise suddenly. Thank you

Roger - December '12

I use the CO detector when I fly my planes. I originally purchased the device after purchasing an older Piper. I found out that I had a very bad muffler condition which allowed CO to enter the cockpit as this is a tube and fabric plane with lots of air leakage. I now carry the unit when ever I fly as a safety item. I just replaced the battery and wanted to recalibrate the unit, and just recieved the calibration kit, I'll complete the task shortly. Thank you again for the prompt service, and the great product!

Ralph De Groodt

I am delighted with the size of the unit, which I keep on my airplane’s key chain. This ensures that it accompanies me on every flight… it was a relief last winter to know that the cabin was free of CO, especially with the cabin heat turned on.

Peter Bruckner, Pilot, May 2007

I just bought the Pocket CO detector a few weeks ago for my airplane. While flying I noticed it get up to over 100 ppm. So, today I closely inspected the exhaust manifolds and found a hidden hole in the exhaust stack. I never would have known about it if I hadn’t bought Pocket CO! Thanks!

Doug M., Southern California, December 2009